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Why are we constantly pulling away from the one thing in life we need most? Your words resonate within me. I lay awake in wonder. You struggle so. I can't pull you close and softly trace my fingertips across your face. A face I spent days memorizing, and now spend nights dreaming of. I can't snuggle into you, whisper sweet nothings in your ear, and chase the struggles away, heartbeat to heartbeat. All I can do, is pray.

If you ever feel the need to be a kid again, take a drive down some lonely country road. While the snow gently falls, stick out your tongue and catch a few snowflakes. Laugh out loud at how silly it seems. Chase a random sunset, let it lead you into a night sky dazzled with silver stars. Listen to the rain ring out in soft bells against your roof - better yet, go out and dance in the rain, then wait for it to paint the sky with a rainbow. Sit on the green grass somewhere in the middle of a thunderstorm and feel the earth tremble in awe beneath your fingertips. Be a part of a moment so much bigger than this mere existence.

The life we choose reflects the story we leave behind. It is human nature to dwell on what we do not understand. But this too shall pass. The struggles do not remain forever. And without them, would we truly appreciate the blessings? There is tremendous grace in the unknown any given future carries. Perhaps that knowledge is the greatest leap of faith we will ever make. If so, I hope this prayer helps.

I pray the journey gets easier for you. There is a purpose behind the struggle. I cannot take your hand and walk beside you, I cannot bear the weight of the burden you carry, but I can share this hope: the soul always knows where home is. In the quiet, close your eyes, and listen.

There is healing beginning to happen...

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