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The days go by, and you remain a quiet miracle that crosses this journey, life for life. Do you like warm hugs? There is this absolutely amazing magic that happens, in a single hug. We connect with a moment that is so much bigger than our mere existence. A part of a whole that might forever remain incomplete, if we did not add ourselves to the equation. And that truth is, as magical as can be.

Did you know the human body literally glows? We emit a visible light in extremely small quantities at levels that rise and fall with the day, sunrise to sunset. Our glow is produced by fluorophores – molecules that give off photons when they shift from a high-energy “excited state” to a low-energy “ground state”. Our faces are the shiniest parts of our bodies, with our mouths and cheeks glowing particularly bright. That is why, from birth, we smile. In essence, we are the afterglow of life.

A life that begins with this lovely blank canvas. And from birth, we paint. Melody and memory, we choose the vivid hues that only a masterpiece can resonate. Through time, through eternity, we are the artists of our legacy. I truly believe that is why God created such a thing as, leaps of faith. Each leap reflects the way we love, hope, trust. Much as the wildflower that recognizes a sad and lonely place in need of beauty, our faith grows. It is the seed that heals the wounds of a thousand tears. Faith becomes us, and we become the afterglow.

The moon plays hide and go seek with the sun, one always searching for the other. Thunder moves Heaven and Earth, just to hear the lightning call out its name. A rainbow dances in the rain only when there is the promise of light after dark. And so, God created stars. With them, wishes came true.

What do you wish? There is no need to tell, as wishes are meant to be kept secret. A whisper, a prayer, you cast softly heavenward and smile as God lovingly unwraps your message from within the grasp of the stars, and opens to read. One word or a million, it is your story, and it is written to be everlasting.

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