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So much of life is filled with noise, chaos, this distraction that dulls who we are. Lines are blurred, the gentle repose of a word is turned to harsh stone. Then those stones are cast, to fall and land where they may. And it cuts a scar across the one whose life dared to love a stranger who became the soulmate every story that came before, never would have existed without.

Out of the blue, there was a moment so quiet today, the absence of sound was completely mesmerizing. The rhythm of a heartbeat I have felt a thousand times beneath my fingertips - tingled, dazzled in waves through my senses. That moment left me breathless. The truth of how much I miss the closeness of that one heartbeat left an ache so raw, yet so sweet, it was irresistible not to surrender to the memory. How do you numb away a touch? A touch you feel so completely it lives within the secret passages of your soul. Close your eyes, take a breath, feathery wisps of a daydream consume the hands of time. And then, it all stops. A kaleidoscope of frames tangled in that time break free, suspended between the jagged edges of reality and the ethereal magic, too perfect for this world, of what could be. Collisions as if weeping wildfires flood in echoes across space. The precious gift of a single butterfly blooms eternal, and the hum of a heartbeat connects so deeply, another's story is written into your own.

When you find that one heartbeat, do not give up the fight so easily, and never let go. There is wonder in hanging on, my darling. That is Hope.

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