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Letter To My Children #1

Years ago I learned it is rather endearing to fall in love with the stars. My sweethearts, let me show you why. Green grass in the summertime makes for a lovely blanket to lay on. The subtle fragrance of newly blossomed flowers cresting upon the rolling breeze within our atmosphere. Midnight is a magical time, but perhaps this might be better tried a little before bedtime, instead of a little after. On a clear night when the sky is filled with stars dazzling like diamonds against an endless inky black expanse, lift up your hand towards Heaven. Find your favorite star, any one; it does not have to be the brightest nor the largest one residing inside the most famous of constellations. Often extraordinary beauty appears in the most ordinary of places. Once you find your star, one that captures your attention out of the blue, place that star between your outstretched hands, and be still. All it takes is a moment. Vibrant bursts of honeyed light will slowly start to twirl across the edges of your fingertips, until at long last, that mesmerizing light softly nestles into the palm of your hand. Time stops, for a split second it fails to roam, simply to stand in wonder. And you find yourself holding a star. Such a sweet connection becomes a part of you, spreading out delicate pearls blooming into moonlight, twilight, then daylight all at once. Some night, my sweethearts, we will try counting the stars backwards. Starting with a large number, 100 or so. As the Earth rotates and we count the stars backwards in rhythm, time catches up with itself and for that very same moment as before, we are suspended between the present and the future. The present a gift, the future a mystery; but, to stall time entirely is a rare treasure. It is only then we learn the value of how we spend our time, and who we spend it with.

My sweethearts, explore the stars...

Love You Forever,


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