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Do you ever tire of chasing midnights? The allure of this magic with roots planted deep inside the innocence of our childhoods. The weaving of a tapestry so wondrously intricate upon carousels of time, and life. A vessel to cherish in our dreams, but so easily lost when we wake. So, we dream again. Every midnight paints a portrait of peace, the winding point where time itself stops, the grains of sand cease to fall, and the soul at long last catches its breath. Only a moment, this simple fragment of an eternal hourglass - but it reminds us that we are truly everlasting. Pumpkins become golden carriages in the space between this ethereal magic, and a lifetime. We close our eyes, not to block out the sight, but to memorize the way it felt to dance across a floor of candlelit reflections in those dazzling glass slippers. We were made to belong, to connect, the perfect fit no one else can recreate or replace. In return for the gift of our life, our sweet timeless impressions, the heavens and earth continue writing our story upon every midnight...

We are indeed the truest versions of Once Upon a Time.

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Genevieve Taylor
Genevieve Taylor
Jul 10, 2023

I absolutely love that I feel that this is a very true statement that most people don't take the time to understand. 😊

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