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Are you some place quiet? Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, focus on the heartbeat you feel as you exhale. That rhythm hums a melody just as water woven into a kaleidoscope. Vivid colors, memories wash through to awaken your soul. A spark ignites, every broken piece resonates with this afterglow. Mesmerized by the sweet surrender, one lullaby softly sings with it's haunting echoes. Let the tide pull you in, sink under, don't hold your breath. It is safe here with the shipwrecks, the gleaming golden threads of sunlight, and me. Ravaged remains twist in spires toward the surface, the very edges of your being weep as metal ribbons rust and fray within this eternal escape we cannot name. Keep your eyes closed, daydream, and look up. A star-soaked sky dazzles the darkness overhead. Chandeliers enchanting the floors of heaven, as glass slippers sweep across the proverbial night. Caught somewhere between the hourglass that drains the sands of time, and a moon that pulls the tide you are wrapped inside, there is magic. This moment everything stops, stands still, and you find hope was never lost at all.

It was you.

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